Tuesday, September 7

One Step Closer...[Holy Hearse Update]

So the hearse is just about done - my part anyway. I was commissioned to do the passenger side of the hearse, give some ideas for filler space, and then help "fix" the rear driver quarter panel.

I was up at GT Grafix (www.gtairbrushing.com) this past Friday and Sunday to finish up my portion of the hearse. Items completed were the rear passenger door and the passenger rear quarter panel.

I started with the rear passenger door and added the color.  The reference picture was a bit hazy so I had to improvise on the color match.  The only part left is the filler clouds.

Next was to help "fix" the driver side rear quarter panel.  An apprentice had started this part but was unable to finish.  He had worked in paintbrush which made things a bit difficult.  Plus, the faces were a bit out of proportion for my taste, so I decided to redo them.  I sanded off the faces, touched up the fabrics, painted a background, and tied everything together. I colored everything and then started some filler items.

The owner wanted some hidden items such as dolphins, starfish, angels, etc, hidden in the filler clouds. I painted in a wolf and then left some stencils for Gene to finish things.

All that's left is the rest of the filler clouds and the clear coating.

Keep checking back for final pictures and details on when the press comes to visit for an interview.

What's next? Well, I do have that chihuahua to finish.

If you're interested in a commission, please contact me!
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