Monday, September 13


Finally finished Taco yesterday. This will be my second animal airbrush portrait. Previously, I had airbrushed a black cat. It was pretty simple considering everything was black. So I wanted to try something with a bit more color.

Before this portrait, I had airbrushed the butterfly on the flower. That one had lots of color and detail - but I wanted to try something with color. Kind of my road map to doing people portraits. My goal is to do a few more of these and then attempt a black and white portrait and then move to color.

Taco was my mother-in-laws little buddy. I don't remember exactly how many years Taco (aka Puppa Joe) was around - but he was older than a few of my kids. As with any chihuahua, he was fun to play with and had reached a point where he was content with cuddling. The first time my mother-in-law, Kathy, introduced me to Taco, he did this little trick called "broken legs". He would walk with his front legs and drag his back legs like they were broken.

Several months ago, Taco went missing and never returned. Kathy was pretty upset as you can imagine. So I figured what better way to cheer her up but to give her something she can remember him by.

"Taco" is on 19x24 bristol paper using Createx airbrush paints. On this one, again, I didn't use any masking - it's all free hand. The reference photograph had a degree of depth of field so the face should be clear and the background a little blurry. Freehand allowed me to achieve this, but I think there might be a little too much overspray at the edges of the body. You can only tell this when you're right up on it.

The entire photo gallery of progress is available at:

If you would like a portrait commissioned, please contact me. Remember, Christmas isn't too far off - so place your orders now!
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