Thursday, December 16

MMM_project update! [Copy 1B and 2 of 3 done! and the start of copy 3]

Presenting copies 1B and 2 of 3!

As you remember, there was a mishap with copy 1...which I've dubbed copy 1A.  Since then, I've finished copy 2 and then went back for round two of copy 1 (copy 1B).  I suppose it could have been simple just to label them simply copies 1 and 2, but I decided to complicate things.

I've also started on copy 3.

I've committed an artist no-no...switching mediums.  Granted, I didn't draw on one type of paper and then somehow magically switch right in the middle.  Rather, without thinking again, I switched brand of paper.  So, I've learned something new, branding of paper, even though it's the same label type, is not the same.

I've been using Strathmore Bristol paper for a long time.  Sometimes I use the vellum, sometimes the smooth. For my portraits, I use the smooth.  However, I grabbed a different Bristol brand to use for copy 3.  Canson. It's labeled smooth just as the Strathmore, however, after starting to work with it I've noticed a few differences.  One, the hue of the paper itself.  Strathmore seems to have a warmer tone - almost a bit of an almond hue to it.  The Canson has a much whiter hue.  Also, the smoothness is different.  While the Strathmore smooth paper is much smoother than the Strathmore vellum, the Canson smooth Bristol is even smoother than the Strathmore smooth Bristol.  So, I've noticed that the shading is smoother and more gradual and less grainy than the other copies using the Strathmore.

One thing to keep in mind is that with smoother paper comes less tooth.  Less tooth means you will not be able to have as many layers.  So keep that in mind.  I generally use my "loaded" paper stumps for a lot of my shading.  This means that paper stumps that I've used for years have a lot of graphite already embedded in them.  So instead of having to lay down graphite from the pencil, I can use the paper stump almost like a soft pencil.  This allows me to get more layers on the paper without having to flatten the paper by using the tip of a pencil when I lay down the graphite.  If I need a darker shade, I will lay down some 8B graphite on a scrap piece of paper, load it on the paper stump by running hard circles over the area, and then use it to shade on the drawing.  This is very effective and allows you to make subtle changes.

Check the Picasa Web Album for more updated pictures!
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