Monday, January 3

New Projects Coming! [2011 is a busy year]

I have a lot going on this year.  I have some great projects lined up:

  • New pencil portrait commission [another 3 copy job].  This one's up first.  Also included will be a caricature.
  • New airbrush project on canvas.  This will be a tutorial I'm following out of a book called "Airbrushing Techniques - Step by Step" by Roland Kuck.  This book is a great buy on and it has some really detailed tutorials.  The one I'm doing first will be a tree frog.  The book even comes with a DVD!
  • New automotive airbrushing project.  Soon I'll have the pieces of my 1993 GXSR 750 completed and ready for me to paint.  I have a cool image in my head of a Japanese themed dragon made of fire.
  • Android App development.  Part of my 'jack of all trades' artistic mentality also includes my interest in programming.  If you don't think this is an art form, think again the next time you play that awesome Wii or XBox game.  The amount of creativity needed to produce something like HALO or Mario Kart is truly an art of its own.  I have an idea for an app that I believe is going to be HUGE!  So I've decided to delve into Android development.  I've bought a few books and I'll be blogging about my adventure there.
  • Movie Script.  I also love to write.  I was pretty bored with the standard best seller book because it seemed forever to read the darn thing [maybe I'm just a slow reader].  But I started reading movie scripts several years ago and I developed a passion for wanting to write a movie script.  I have a screenplay I've been working on for quite some time and I've decided it's time to finish it and submit it to a contest.  I'm shooting for either the Amazon Studios contest on January 31, or [more realistically] the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards on April 1.
I'm sure my curiosities will allure me to something else between then as well.  Stay tuned as I try and keep track of everything I'm doing and report back to you!

Have a great 2011!!
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