Wednesday, April 20

Latest progress on the [Foote Fam] project

Working on one of the set of three portraits. I'm having to use 4 different pictures. Why? Well, you know how it is when you can't get everyone to sit and take the perfect picture. It was definitely a Microsoft "to the cloud!" moment. Only, there wasn't any "cloud" to get the perfect photo.

Graphite on smooth bristol paper. 14x17
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  1. Very nice! I was once offered to sketch a portrait of someone once. I did. Just like the photo. He was not satisfied. My mom told me I should have made him more attractive. I didn't know how without keeping his image looking like him!
    Do you do that? Add/remove details to make them look more attractive?

  2. Sabrina,
    Generally, I do not add or take out features just to make the subject look better. However, I have gotten comments before that the drawing made the person look better. It depends on how the person sees it. On one of my other posts I noted how important it was to get the composition right. Perhaps maybe the person you drew thought his nose was out of place or maybe the eyes looked too cartoony. I always worry if the person will like my drawing. It's artist interpretation.

    Or it could be that maybe the person was just a difficult person to deal with.

    But to give you a straight answer: unless the subject specifically asks, I do not embellish them. If they do, then I just ask for another reference photo of what they are expecting.

    Hope this helps!


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