Monday, June 13

Finally Done! [Foote Fam]

So I'm finally done with this project.  Well...almost.  I'm done with portraits anyway.  I do have just a few more details to put on this one [last details on the hands on the young boy to the right].  Also, it's hard to take a picture with one hand while holding the piece in the other - sometimes it just doesn't do it justice.  I spent more time than I would have liked to, but they're done.

I had to piece together several photographs.  It's always hard to get one good photograph with this many people.  One is either looking the other isn't had their eyes closed.  And then throw in a hectic time of the year, say, Christmas, and you could easily take dozens of pictures and still not get a good one to reference.  So, that's when you crop and Photoshop until you get something you can work with.

I'm happy with the proportions after using several different photographs.  I had to resort back to some manual scaling to make sure things were right.  That included an engineer's scale, a few triangles, and some math.  I used to do this before I got a projector to get a few reference points in order to make sure I had proportions and placements.  Projectors take a lot of this leg work out so you can get right into the detail work - which is what really stands out anyway.

So with this piece's time for an accompanying piece I'm excited to do - a caricature!  The last piece to go with this one is a caricature of the kids.  I'm excited and post it once I'm done.
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